Liturgy Live - 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Self Sacrificing Service

This week on the podcast we talk about leprosy and how we approach those who are suffering from health issues. This is a huge issue right now, how do we care for others? The instructions of the Old Testament were not to exclude people from being served with love, Jesus fulfilled the law and he served the lepers and healed them. Sometimes we take rules that "protect us" and block the self sacrificing service that we are called to live. Be not afraid

Liturgy Live - 4th Sunday in Advent

This week's podcast we discuss King David's desire to give to the Lord. The desire to give to the Lord is good. This interaction with King David and the Lord shows us that the Lord wants to give us more than we can imagine when we desire to give of ourselves for His glory. This culminates in the great fiat of Mary. Her desire to be the handmaid of the Lord is returned  in her role as Mother of the Savior and the Queen of Heaven.

Liturgy Live - 2nd Sunday in Advent - Prepare the Way of the Lord

This week on the podcast we talk about how Isaiah called for the proclamation of the "good news" in earnest. In his time and in the fulfillment of Christ, we are to proclaim the Gospel of our Salvation. St Peter reminds us that the judgement is coming, we need to be prepared because we do not know when. Each generation has had signs to encourage us to turn to Christ before it is too late. Christ desires for all to repent, and we should be praying for that to fulfill the desires of God.  Fr Ian announced that we have a new platform for Catholics to converse outside of the normal Social Media sphere. HealthyMinds is a community platform you can join and it functions similar to social media but without the ads and the drama. We are hosting an Advent Meditations Group on that platform that contains daily meditations on the Mass readings and a very short video for more understanding and ideas to contemplate. Come join us!  https://healthyminds.

Liturgy Live - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Strange Authority

This week on the podcast we talk about how God gave power and authority to King Cyrus, even though he was a Gentile. Through Cyrus the Isrealites were able to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. God was able to use Cyrus as a tool, even though he was not the tool that was preferred or expected. In our lives it is good to contemplate how God is using imperfect people, maybe even strange authority, to bring about His will.

Liturgy Live - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fire in my Heart

 This week we talk about the raw reality that the Prophet Jeremiah expresses in the reading. Being a faithful servant to the Lord is extremely difficult. It always has been. We won't always understand what God is doing, when we are confused we might even try to go against His will. Discernment and prayer for God's will even in confusion is necessary

Liturgy Live - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Who Has Known

 This week on the Podcast we talk about the authority given to flawed humans by God. How abusing that Authority will bring punishment upon yourself and the people you lead. The other side is to remember the humanity of the authority, and understand the requirement to charitably follow the lead. As long as that lead is not sinful. God has a plan in the midst of corruption.

Liturgy Live - 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fear No One

In the readings this week we encounter the Prophet Jeremiah and his inner battle. He is tempted to denounce the Lord, he is also being watched by his friends for any misstep to trap him in. These inner temptations of Jeremiah are the real temptations of our culture at the moment. We are reminded in that moment to trust in the Lord. Jesus in the Gospel says to "Fear no one." We are called to live in the midst of the chaos in the trust of Christ.